About Counselling and Psychotherapy...

Why attend counselling and psychotherapy?


We all experience difficulty at some point during our lives - this is part of our human condition. We look to find ways of overcoming our difficulties and then to move forward with our lives. However sometimes the sense of difficulty is such that speaking with a psychotherapist can make a real difference. 


What can counselling and psychotherapy offer?


The general aim of psychotherapy is to help us live a more satisfying and rewarding life and for there to be an experience of greater 'ease' in our everyday lives. Psychotherapy achieves this by helping us to identify the 'blocks' that prevent us from fully connecting with our own 'true nature' and sense of who we are.


What type of counselling and psychotherapy do I offer?


My training at the Karuna Institute was in Core Process Psychotherapy.  Karuna was one of the first training centres to integrate and teach mindfulness practices as part of its professional psychotherapy training programme.  


How does mindfulness work?


Mindfulness involves developing awareness around our personal processes.  Insight and understanding can help support us in our experience of difficulty in the present moment and, by developing awareness around the way in which we live our lives, we can become better at making those choices in life that lead to greater happiness and fulfilment.  


What about personal growth and change?


For some, the motivation to enter psychotherapy will arise from a desire to grow and change. Mindfulness can help us develop and cultivate our level of awareness and, through this process, we can learn the ways in which we hold on to our suffering and by re-awakening and re-establishing our connection to our authentic selves, we can create the possibility for living from a place of greater freedom and heartful-ness.  
Integration and healing arises from developing awareness and connecting more fully and deeply with ourselves.


What is the next step?


If you would like to know more about the possiblity of our working together or arrange a time to see me, please contact me by phone on 07712 791828 or send me an email addressed to sarah.knevitt@btinternet.com


Alternatively, you can contact me through the 'Contact' section on this website and the 'Location' page shows where I am based.